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Welcome to!

WHAT? This site is dedicated to documenting functionality and configuration scenarios of the fully functional test / standalone version of JD Edwards ERP software (known as JDE Demo Junior).

WHY? The objective of is to assist current and prospective JDE users to evaluate and implement all aspects of JDE functionality.

WHO? Everybody is welcome and encouraged to review the content on but only members can contribute new content and discussions (Registration currently restricted.  Send registration enquiries through the JdeDemoJr Facebook page).

Getting Started

HOW? Get started using

  • The site is divided into 2 sections:
    • Community Content: FREE and Paid Articles, Demos and Solutions.
    • Community Discussions: Forum topics linked directly to the each Community Content Article, Demo and Solution
  • Get involved by doing one or more of the following:
    • Review the FREE content in the Community Content section
    • Review the FREE discussions in the Community Discussions section.
    • Review the Help Section
    • Register or Login to Submit your own content, request or participate in a discussion (Registration currently disabled.  Send registration enquiries to the JdeDemoJr Facebook page)

Quick Links

Quick Links

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Unleashing JDE Demo Jr

Describing JDE Demo Jr Unleashed


Disclaimer Summary

  • JDE Demo Jr dot com is not affiliated with JDE Edwards (company), PeopleSoft or Oracle Corporation.
  • Articles within JDE Demo Jr dot com may contain information originally sourced from Oracle but we will never knowingly publish the entire original article on this website (knowingly is stated here because the intention is to allow community members to post their own articles).
  • Where content within JDE Demo Jr dot com has been sourced from Oracle Corporation, every effort will be made to reference the original source with a direct link (where publicly available) or instructions on how to find the source document.
  • See Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy statement links below for further details.

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Written by Randall Whiteman.

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